GUNDAM PLAMO (comment on new kits anyone?) :P
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Author:  i_@m_j@mes [ Sun Aug 14, 2005 3:17 am ]
Post subject:  GUNDAM PLAMO (comment on new kits anyone?) :P

Attention to Gunpla Modellers!

(..and i thought there's gotta be a thread about GunPla (gundam plastic model kit) in XL-Forum.. :( )

this is supposed to be the thread about GunPla.. anybody recently buying any kits can comment about their kits whether it's oledi done or its original state.. share with us whether u recommend it or not, good points as well as negative points of particular kit.. etc lah.. just blah :lol:

i'm particularly interested in new 1/100 Destiny Gundam.. still considering want to buy o not.. anybody oledi have it?

the last gundam kit i'd bought is Freedom SD

Author:  aiktat [ Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:39 pm ]
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James, i thought you give thumb down to Destiny Gundam? then why spend your money on it anyway? Cagali new MS looks better lah, just wait for it lah....or the Providence Junior-Legend also better i think... :p

Author:  i_@m_j@mes [ Sun Aug 21, 2005 3:16 am ]
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i'd rather buy Providence than Legend..
abt Destiny.. in my opinion lah.. being only amateur kit builder, the only thing that looks cool to me is its wings..
and they (Bandai) didn't include the "Wings of Light" oso.. just the puny clear-pink colored Limited 1st Edition stand.. 1/100 Impulse looks nicer.. no match.. though i haven't considered buying that one..
the upcoming Strike Freedom 1/100 oso looked FAT.. last hope is Akatsuki and Infinite Justice b4 i give up on 1/100 altogether.. (never considered the golden-Ms-piloted-badly-by-cagalli oso)

SD we have Impulse and Gunner Zaku Lunamaria Ver.. wonder what's next? :neutral:

Author:  i_@m_j@mes [ Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:13 am ]
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finally someone replied sth in this thread.. thanks stormV! ur review on UC MSes really help :yeah:

u say 1/100 SF is only meant for hardcore gunpla collectors or Kira fans..

i don't agree.. maybe yes for hardcore collectors but even Kira's most hardcore fans won't want Kira to pilot such fat MS.. haha.. i'm SEED + Kira fan as well.. modding will take huge amt of works to perform "liposuction" on the gundam.. :lol:

stormV u mod? November Gundam competition by Bandai is coming. try ur luck? :razz:

Author:  i_@m_j@mes [ Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:56 pm ]
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yes there r even some sort of academy set up by experts for those interested in gunpla.. i knew quite a few considered "very expert" kit builder in KL.. investing insane amt of time & money.. and their works hv the Japanese's standards, just losing in term of modification i think

what can i say, the competition will only get better by the year 8-)
hope to c urs on the BAKAC display! good luck

aiktat, i heard due to ur bored-ness u want to try building an MG? :smile:
the 1st one will be RX78 ver ka.? that one is definately worth the money for the classic Amuro fans, and simply Katoki fans! :biggrin: There's the One Year War Ver. MG of RX78 which will be better in terms of pose-ability but why choose that when we have whole lot cheaper, one solid special edition RX78? collectors will go for the other ver. though..

Author:  ZGMFX10A [ Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:41 pm ]
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hoho... looks like a heated debate is going on here... hehe... m also a gundam kits collector... mostly collect the MG's n PG's only... my recent purchase... about 1month plus ago was PG Strike n PG Sky Grapser... a fine purchase if i might add... its just that have not time to assemble it.... all of my kits are in its original condition... apart from a bit of weathering effects here n there... and also body lining.... :razz:

Having my eyes set on the upcoming PG Strike Rouge... heard a few rumors about the upcoming PG... but not sure true or not... a fren in Japan told me.... the next PG might be Freedom.... hehehe... who knows... have to stick around 2 find out...

Author:  aiktat [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 11:39 am ]
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stormV wrote:
The MG Acguy is a real master piece. The internal detail is great, and come with many gizmo, like those buffle effect from torpedo and thruster. And the mono-eye is fully moveable along the axis. Well, maybe it is look ugly to many, but is a heaven gift for UC fans.

Our XL Forum "Gizmo" also within it ah? :p kiding kiding....don't get mad tai lou...hehehe

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