BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)
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Author:  BeastX [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

I'll put-up a resource/back-up/compilation of sorts of the mini-reviews (that I've posted on other forums), of some of the 12" figures...
Maybe future mods... better pics or revised review..

Start-off with Medi's Chun-Li.

My copy and review/findings of the inner workings of the female RAH body (I guess same goes for other RAH female.. except Chun-li's unique "Thunder thighs")

Parts of Chun-li that are detatchable
The red arrows points to the articulation points consealed under the rubber skin.
9 screws holds the many plastic parts under the rubber skin, not all are properly tighten, so the body was not able to hold the positions it is capable of (the joints dont offer enough resistance against the rubber body and may appear floppy).
The joints... top to bottom
1. Lower neck ball joint,
2. Upper abdomen ball joint
3. Lower abdomen ball joint
4. Pelvic joint (limited foward and backward motion)

The maximum forward and backward capable positions of the joints within the rubber skin, hip-leg position was not changed

Maximum body turning/twisting... roughly 80 degrees.. 40 each side from the middle.

Maximum side "spine curvature"

Maximum shoulder "high & back" position (L arm), "low & front position" (R arm).. (My R shoulder has a broken tab that allows it to go much higher)
Typical two-joint shoulders..

Medi's Motoko
Inner neck diameter = 13mm, hole diameter = 4.5mm, outer neck depth (base of hole to the fringe collar thing) = 7-8mm, The head compose of 4 solid pieces PVC, should not be a problem to drill/dremel the hole bigger.

Some points.. very good shoulder articulation has up/ down/front/back, rare in female figures (very limited in Hot Toy's Hot Angel, might be as good as Triad's new Eva), Has chest/waist articulation, impeded by the girdle like thingy,
no butt, but has very good range of hips articulation, much better the CG 2.0. Right hand removable from rifle, just disconnect the glue thumb at the second thumb joint, The hand is a 2 piece glued together, PVC-like.

HT's Dutch/Chris body...
For those who r curious about Dutch's arms.. (via own pics)
Dutch/T800 ripping his Skin off his endo skeleton arm... T2 style...

The "endo" skeleton arm and the skin... The joints..L to R.. ball socket, swivel point (below the metal band, at the darker to lighter interface), bendy metal strip/flat metal for the elbows, lastly the wrist joint.

And the HT's Sheva
Sheva's Mini-Review primarily on the new arms......

The instruction sheet. In English and Japanese (behind)

Comments/Points [compared to the older HotAngel (Machiko/ERT/SF arms/body)]
1) Two point elbow articulation reduced to 1 that allows 100 degrees (Picture A), no big lost, most human can go to around 130 at most.
2) (Picture C) actually the arms can raise beyond 90 degrees, but you may put a bit of stress in the rubber covering the shoulders. The rubber covering is the thing that impedes it arms from going higher, push too hard you might tear it.
3) I believe there is a lost of the mid-upper arm break (between shoulder & elbow), that allows the arms to twist outward and inward (Related to Warning pic 2nd from left and [4] below)
4) Improved shoulder ball joint that allows more free shoulder movement but opens some gaps on the shoulder holes of the rubber body. The arms twist at 45 degrees (as stated) is solely based on the ball socket attached to the body (unless someone can proof otherwise). Maybe restoring say 50 degrees twist to mid-upper arm break (as in [3]) would not be too stressful on the rubber arms.
5) The rubber body mould appears to be the same as other HotAngel bodies.... (no thinner rubber at neck and such)

Author:  KAIYODO [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

:finger: ...... salute to your courage to dissect your precious 12" ..... :-D
medi chun li body look so fragile..... :-D


Author:  taurus [ Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

wah, u really got the guts to take out the parts! :tear: :tear:
i don't have the heart to do it........ :salute: :salute: :salute:

Author:  BeastX [ Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

Chacha Asai's body review (compared to Hot Angel body)

The red arrow points to the big difference from inner workings of the Hot Angel body (apart different rubber outer layer)... Double ended ball socket is being used here, this allows the body much greater range of movement than the Hot Angel body.

-No plastic inserts to the breast portion of the rubber torso. Could be the same rubber torso of HT's first females (Ripley etc)

-Bending the body to the extreme do distort the outer rubber body.

-Grease is applied to the ball sockets of the shoulders and thorax/abdomen joints.

-The more segmented inner body leaves more empty space within the rubber torso, the body may appear slightly slimmer.

-Chacha's multi-layered dress tightly bound across her waist inhibits the potential of wider articulation offered by the body. Empty space within the body (compared to Hot Angel) allows the waist to be squeezed/compressed smaller.


Author:  BeastX [ Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

Mini review on HT's mid-night Wesker VGM08. (May include pictures later.)

-All 3 shells of the Hydra are removable.

-The shirt is pleather (not rubber like the boots) that allows more stretching than the coat and pants allow.

-^^The material for the shiny pants (and coat) does not stretch, but it creases and folds like cloths/fabric (at 1/6th scale).

-The boots are rubber but they are thick and hard (than TDK's boots) and does not allow much free movement/posing as TDK/Goemon's boots..

-Wesker in the shirt looks too thin with the TT body. Maybe with some padding at "below the neck"/chest area and around the waist (to prevent the body segments, at the lower back, from damaging the shirt).

-For lighting the head, there is no need to pull the head off. Just tilt the head forward and the mini-switch should be visible. The thin edges of the neck hole/hair may also be lighted by the LED. To avoid this, probably tape/paint off the bottom of the transparent ball socket.


-Wesker's base body (except the arms and longer leg extensions) is identical to carded TT. The tight shirt pleather constricting Wesker's TT does make Wesker appear thin at the waist/lower back/sides and the pecs/chest area

-Forearms size are very similiar to TT with the exception of added sculpted veins.
-Upper arms has the most change. A-bit shortened, non-straight cut at the swivel to shoulder joint, so as the joint will not be apparent under tight cloths, like Weskers' pleather shirt. Biceps are about the same as regular TT, it is the Triceps portion that has greatly enlarged.
-Shoulders shape is very similiar to regular TT, but it being textured with muscle lines and longer at the upper arm connection (to accommodate the non-straight cut swivel joint).

All in all... a regular TT with some added padding at the Triceps of the arm could very well replace Weskers body (and add some leg extensions too..)

Author:  coolmaul [ Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

bro BeastX, what is the verdict that u give to HT Albert(Mid. Ver.) :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Author:  BeastX [ Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

Added more info... to Wesker's mini-review

Wesker... is great for what it is, quite a lot of innovation on HT's part but weakness as well in regarding the body with the tight shirt.

Author:  derichong [ Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

I can see a good start on great reviews!

:finger: :finger: :finger:

Keep it UP!

Author:  BeastX [ Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

Sheva Alomar arms (and torso) review (Hot Angel body with seamless arms)

Torso (internal and rubber body) very much the same as other Hot Angel body (Machiko/Female ERT/Silken Floss)

Upper torso held by 5 skrews
Lower torso by 4.
Ball joint for the lower ab to pelvic joint.
Spring loaded all-direction mid torso joint

About the arms

-The internal of the arms (metal/plastic) are cast in silicon moulds (from shoulder to at least 3/4 down the forearms).Because of the casting in a mould, each arm in relation to its external silicon skin will be unique.Bad casting may result in thin silicon areas that may prone to tear.

-Popping the ball shoulder joint out of the torso is very hard (at least my copy compared to previous Hot Angel/Chacha). I had to loosen some of the 5 screws of the upper torso.

-Some type of glue is added to the area at shoulder joint (green arrow, pic 3).

-Spring mechanism in each arm as indicated by the red arrow (pic 3) gives the ratcheting feel (resistance) to the bending of the elbows.

-Elbow hinge can be bent to about 140 degrees (pic 2), ...not 100 degrees.... but you'll be s_tressing the silicon.

-Shoulder joint far exceeds the 80 degrees limitation as stated on the instruction manual, overall around 180 degrees (green arrow, 3rd pic). Again you'll s_tress the silicon covering the shoulder.

-Very hard/un-giving Alloy composite metal is used for the internal of the arms. Wrist joints are difficult to be removed from the metal loop (at least my copy, black arrow, pic 3)

-The plastic part of the internal arms are not similar in shape or thickness. The thick part of the left arm around the area indicated by the blue arrow (labled L and R arms, pic 4) may give rise to very thin silicon outer layer at the area below Sheva's tattoo (my copy).

-Sheva's left arm is painted and the paint may peel off as shown in forearm area in pic 5. I suppose a type of silicon based paint is used and the tattoo is painted or attached to the to layer of the paint, Her right arm is not painted.

pic 1

pic 2


pic 4

pic 5

edit removing the silicone layer from the arms...:
The silicone layer is cast (poured in liquid form) around the inner frame. After which HT applied some sort glue to adhere the silicone at the top shoulder of the arm to the inner plastic part (refer to my pic: The area around the black Philips head screw still has some silicone/glue residue). Free the top glued area (stretch/pry/cutting), you should be able to slowly slid the inner frame out....

Author:  KAIYODO [ Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BeastX's Inner Workings/Mod of 12" figure (HT/Medi/etc)

:-D shock1 die1 die2 .......... :salute:


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